Since day one, INDIVERSE is commited to use only high quality leathers and materials. However, that doesn’t mean INDIVERSE products need zero maintenance. Yes, Full Grain Calf Leather is a strong and natural leather, but in time, wear signs will start to show and requires occasional maintenance. Give your leather sneakers a little care every week, and it’ll stay in good shape for a long time.
To make sure that you could enjoy INDIVERSE in the longest time possible, we recommend you to carefully read the care instructions below.

- Leather might be one of the strongest material, but is not the best option when it comes to rain. When leather is wet, it’s much more easily damaged.
- No matter how much you love INDIVERSE, it is always a good idea to not wear it everyday. Do give your sneakers a chance to breathe, investing in another colour is an option.
- Cleaning your sneakers regularly will give it a longer life.
- Use a soft brush (preferably horsehair brush) to dust off any dust or debris regularly, we suggest you to give your sneakers a couple of minutes every week.
- After using INDIVERSE sneakers, check for any stains, as those stains will become hard to clean if left uncleaned.
- Just like our skin, your leather sneakers also need some nourishing products to keep it moisturized. Skipping this step will cause the leather to become dry, stiff, and might lead to leather cracking.

- Wipe your sneakers GENTLY with a soft damp cloth to remove any debris. If possible, use warm water, as warm water is less harsh to leather.
- Only use leather care products made specifically for cleaning leather.
- While cleaning, DO NOT rub your sneakers too hard, as it might cause discolouration.
- To clean the sole, simply use toothbrush and toothpaste. Remember not to brush the leather, as toothpaste is not suitable for leather.
- Avoid direct sunlight or any direct heat, and let it dry naturally. DO NOT use hairdryer to speed the process, as it will make the leather shrink and dry.

- Shoe tree plays important role in maintaining the shape of your sneakers. Regular use of shoe tree will help preventing shrinkage, as well as reducing creases. What is the best shoe tree? Obviously the answer is cedar shoe tree, as cedar absorbs odor and prevent moistures from building up. Although the price is pretty high, it is a great investment. However, you can always use regular shoe tree considering the price tag on cedar shoe tree.
- Store your sneakers in cool places, and avoid direct sunlight.
- Let your sneakers to air dry before putting them back.
- DO NOT place any objects over your sneakers, as this will help to keep the shape of your sneakers.