Story Of Indiverse

INDIVERSE (short for Indonesian Diversity) is a meticulous combination of our insatiable passion for quality footwear and Indonesian diversity.

Commenced in 2018, we aim to inject stories that became a representative of various Indonesian cultures in each pair (collection), thoroughly reflected by the combination of well curated colors and respective coordinates that captivates the pride of being an Indonesian.
Each coordinate is linked with a collection, and our premier collection is named ‘The Fundamentals’ which is exactly that. Each basic colors has a philosophy and story behind it, and the coordinates on each side is Indonesia’s, because this collection represents the fundamentals of being Indonesian and also INDIVERSE’s core values.

Inspired by the dynamic lifestyle of Millenials, we crafted the perfect silhouette without forgetting comfort behind in order for you to be able to wear it all day, everyday. 
Our sneakers are made completely out of full grain leather, inside and out, by local artisans with over 40 years of experience. Our leathers are natural, and working with these natural materials means that slight variations in texture and color are common which is exactly what makes each pair unique and different from one another.