Daun Singkong - 01 Dark Green / Black

IDR 849,000.00
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Daun Singkong - 01 Dark Green / Black

IDR 849,000.00
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Collection 01 is inspired from the colors of 'Masakan Padang', best known in Indonesia for its delicacy & rich taste. In Padang restaurants, dishes are usually stacked in plates, and this marvelous sight can be seen from the restaurant big glass window to entice hungry passerby into the restaurant. If you come by and order a takeaway meal, it usually comes in a brown paper packaging, and the meal itself is wrapped in fragrant banana leaf. Some believes that the unique and vibrant aroma of the banana leaf will make the dish even tastier. All Padang mains are served with rice and Daun Singkong that usually comes as a complementary.


The ubiquitous Daun Singkong is one of the most popular vegetable that you can easily find everywhere around Indonesia. That is because the Singkong tree is classified as one of the mandatory plant for Indonesians. Daun Singkong is not hard to put into any meal, it is simple and very versatile, usually enjoyed right after being boiled and commonly comes for free with any purchase of Padang dish. Known for its beautiful dark green color that is vibrant, no Padang meal is complete without the presence of Daun Singkong. Of course, we cannot omit this important part, therefore presenting you the #01DAUNSINGKONG inspired by the color of Daun Singkong. The pair is imprinted with Padang coordinates and comes with a green dustbag that is very much inspired from the banana leaf.

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Outer : Full Grain Calf Leather 100%
Lining : Goat Leather 100%
Sole : Thermoplastic Rubber 100%
Lace : Waxed Cotton


Handcrafted in Indonesia
Completely Cemented to Maintain Original Shape
Stitched & Glued Sole for Durability
Embossed Coordinates
Indonesia's Map Printed Insole 


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Black Sliding Box
Padang Themed Wrapping Paper
Banana Leaf Dustbag
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